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Why tBus?

There are buses made available for passengers travelling distances, but not many passengers have complete information about these buses. Complete information namely the number of buses that go to the required destination, bus numbers, bus timings, the routes through which the buses would pass, time taken for the bus to reach, map that would guide the passenger with his/her route and most importantly, track the current location of the bus and give the correct time for the bus to reach its bus stop.


1. Keep your customers happy

A loyal and happy customer base is paramount to running a successful travels business. With the help of tBus, your buses will be able to respond to service calls quickly and reach your customers on time.

2. Be more predictable

Uncertainty in your transportation business is a strict “NO”. Be more predictable by providing your customers with accurate arrival and departure times, real-time tracking info and other minute details.

3. Ease of use

The critical information such as location data, vehicle status, driver’s behavior can be accessed easily with the help of tBus. Your customer will be able to access the data from anywhere on mobiles, tablets and laptops.

4. Get timely Alerts

tBus systems can send SMS or email alerts when your vehicle goes out of your business zone. Besides, tBus can send timely notifications so that you can take the necessary steps.

5. Improve Safety

Improve the safety of your field personnel by monitoring your fleet in real-time. You can provide direct assistance and support to your drivers. tBus can also help you implement two-way communication between drivers and fleet managers.

6. Be competitive

You can beat you competing by streamlining your transportation business with tBus. You will be able to reduce costs, provide first-class customer service and keep your employees happy as well.

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