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Why milkTrack?

Milk is collected from individual farmers by milk collection agents. This collected milk is then transported to a nearby chilling station owned by specific dairy or company. By tankers, milk is then transported to the processing plant or packing station where they standardize and pack as per the product range they have, in between so many transport difficulties are occurred. MilkTrack helps to reduce all these complications in a smarter and economical way.


1. Alert via SMS/Notification

Transporter will get alerts whenever the collection trip start and end, reached and depart from the collection point, unauthorized halt, route deviation, etc.

2. Milk Trip Comparison

Biggest concern for milk transporter is about the collection trips. In this report comparison between planned and actual trip solves many problems.

3. Tanker Door Report

Now a days lot of news are spread that milk is stolen on the way. In this report transporter get all information about when tanker door was opened with location.

4. Live Tracking

Milk transporter will track all the tankers from one screen and they will get all the necessary details of vehicles like location, speed, distance and port status.

5. Trip Playback

In trip Playback you will get all the detail information which covers total collection points and location, unplanned stoppages, wrong route selection, missed collection points.

6. Milk Trip Summary

You will get all the detailed information of milk collection trip like start and end trip location with time, route violation, number of alerts, etc.

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