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Why FieldForce?

Field Force is an enterprise mobile app solution that enables businesses to have effective employee tracking and collaboration solution helping them to manage sales and service businesses efficiently. Field Force helps you draw on the advanced cloud and mobile technologies to achieve your organizational goals effectively with low TAT and high Productivity.


1. Minimize over expenses

Manage all expenditures of employees by Field Force management system. It helps employee to attach their bills and other attachments, by this it will help manager to reduce additional expanses.

2. Leave management

Field Force makes easy to manage employee’s leave , it is beneficial for both employee and manager, Employee can asked for leave on mobile same way manager can sanction or prohibition it too.

3. Live Tracking

Field Force capture field information in real time it track each movement of employees. Get current location of employee on map so there is no any incorrect information will pass by employees.

4. Trip allocation

For multiple workforces it is difficult to manage, all must have to allocate their field work. FieldForce helps manager to arrange tasks in advance so next day employee directly reached at allocated field.

5. Easy to organize meetings

Now It is really very easy to organize meetings with clients and control over it. If some of the reason meeting is canceled than you can reorganized it and notified it to your workforce.

6. Mobile app

It is too handy for users no need to carry any laptop or computers with you every time. FieldForce app can manage it even employee is on leave.

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