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Why deliveryDesk?

The rapidly expanding global economy offers both opportunities and challenges for transportation and distribution companies. As the volume of goods being shipped around the world grows, market players face increasing competition and channel congestion. Delivery Desk helps you navigate these tricky liquids with IT systems that maximize the efficiency of your distribution networks. Flexibility of use one device with multiple vehicles for multiple trips.


1. Alert via SMS/Notification

Customer get alert whenever Delivery trip start and end, reached to the destination, state border crossing, passed address, Ignition On/Off, etc.

2. Dashboard

Customer will track all the current activities of the vehicles which include Delivery Vehicle Location, speed, distance with all durations and alerts.

3. Delivery Trip Report

In this report customer can get the entire summary and detail information of the device between one point to another point including number of trip's with distance and duration.

4. Device Trip Report

We have flexibility of use one device with multiple vehicles for multiple trips. If any unusual event occurs during the trip then we can easily track.

5. Device Availability

Device Availability gives exact information about devices which are available for next trip and devices which are currently running on trip.

6. Live Tracking

Customer will track all the Vehicles from one screen and they will get all the necessary details of vehicles like Location, Speed, travel distance, etc.

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