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Why BTrack?

Knowing where your buses are is relaxing, but getting accurate information that initiate compact business judgments will empower you. Btrack is our proprietary software platform that integrates information from the bus, the route and the driver to provide greater insight into the transportation operation, and to support data-driven decisions that enhance student safety, cost savings and community satisfaction. Parent can live track bus will give them strength to concentrate on them work no worry about children’s location while in bus.


1. Live Tracking

Get bird’s eye view of the exact location of your child the school vehicle and also monitor routes to ensure on-time arrivals with the current speed.

2. Alert via SMS/Notification

Parents will receive alert whenever the school bus is near their location, reached and depart from school step in and step out and entered into wrong bus.

3. Mobile App for Parents

Parent mobile app will help them in real time tracking of their child’s school bus. Parents will get notification for bus arrival, reached at school.

4. Reports

We have large variety of reports which helps to get all the details like trip attendance, Pickup/Drop Trips, Driver Performance, and Speeding Report.

5. Camera, RFID, UHF Reader

Camera will help parents to monitor their children activities during transit and with RFID they get the details that student enter or left from bus.

6. Trip Playback

With the help of trip playback you can get all the details information that how many pick up/drop points attended with location and time.

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