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Why milkTrack?

Milk is collected from individual farmers by milk collection agents. This collected milk is then transported to a nearby chilling station owned by specific dairy or company. By tankers, milk is then transported…
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Why CleanCity?

Now a day’s our society has become more accountable when it comes to waste management. Irresponsible disposal of waste or not considering the convenience of other people or the environment is a punishable…
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Why BTrack?

Knowing where your buses are is relaxing, but getting accurate information that initiate compact business judgments will empower you. Btrack is our proprietary software platform that integrates information…
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Why tBus?

There are buses made available for passengers travelling distances, but not many passengers have complete information about these buses. Complete information namely the number of buses that go to the required…
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Why Container Track?

Our 24 x 7 multi-referential container tracking facility ensures that your shipment is always ‘just a click away’! Container tracking is available anytime anywhere- from your personal computer, laptop,…
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Why deliveryDesk?

The rapidly expanding global economy offers both opportunities and challenges for transportation and distribution companies. As the volume of goods being shipped around the world grows, market players…
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Why FieldForce?

Field Force is an enterprise mobile app solution that enables businesses to have effective employee tracking and collaboration solution helping them to manage sales and service businesses efficiently.…
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